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During the daily driving process, the influence of the sun, window glass and driving on the car owner can be concluded that the car must be attached to the solar film.
Normally, the insulation rate quoted for normal automobile solar film is about 30 to 40. Even if the price quoted for automobile solar film is two or three thousand, the insulation rate for front shield can only be about 50 to 60. Some automotive solar film vendors claim that their insulation rates can reach 80 to 90, most of which are "exaggerated". Some customers put on film and the windows become very hot. They can almost burn pancakes.
Professionals indicate that this situation is due to the low price of automotive solar film and the low total absorption film. Normally, the solar film of the normal rail vehicle is a combination of reflection and absorption. In order to save cost, poor quality membranes use absorbant to absorb all or a large number of ways, so that all the heat is absorbed on the glass, it is natural to hot hands.
To know that the well-known brands with high quotation of automobile solar film will not leave any marks on the car film. Besides, the cost of anti-counterfeiting labels on the film surface is very low. They can not see the authenticity of the film, but have the original label on the film box. The inner wall of the film shaft has the film roll label and the film roll label. When the manufacturer inspects the film roll number, it can find out all the film rolls. Circulation link.
With the new car, a little more freedom, but also added a lot of impossible. Otherwise, driving for hours every day, ultraviolet (UV) rays in the sun can cause permanent damage to the skin, such as swelling, peeling, wrinkles, and even skin cancer in severe cases. Leather, fabrics and ornaments in the car will fade in a short time, like old yellow photographs, which make people lament the ruthlessness of the years.
This is because the ordinary car window glass anti-UV only 19, after the skin is coated with sunscreen, anti-UV can reach 97.5, but the duration is only a few hours. And high quality professional solar film can block ultraviolet rays up to 99, and lasting. Ordinary car decoration stores are equipped with a box with glass and infrared light source, and then paste film on the glass surface to make a simulated sunshine to reflect the environment of the car. High-quality film can obviously block the radiation of heat, which can be distinguished by the feeling of hands outside the box. Good membranes can normally be used for 5 to 6 years. Some brand membranes have film quality assurance cards, remember to ask the merchants for them; and the membranes without quality assurance cards must also keep all kinds of invoices in order to find the merchants "theory" when there are problems.
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