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For a long time, crystallized individual plating can last for about a year at a price of about 15,000. Of course, late maintenance can last for up to two years, while invisible garment sticking can last for five years at a time, and it can reach 10 years of quality assurance. So, garment sticking once is a cumulative effect. Certainly, as with car clothes, plated crystals can probably go beyond the brightness and hardness of car paint. The car clothes have the effect of automatically repairing the slight rubbing. After heating, sunshine or hot water, etc., they can probably repair some of their scratches. The effect is much better than plated crystals.
Preservation of moving vehicles. After sticking the invisible garments, maybe after tearing them off in three or four years, the paint will still be as good as the new car, and the evaluation of used cars will play a very important role.
At present, there are many brands of car clothes on the market. XPEL stealth car clothes made of TPU material can really achieve 360 degree protection, travel insurance and drive new cars every day.
Super toughness. Excellent ductility, super tensile strength and ideal travelability on arbitrary arc surface.
Anti-yellow and anti-aging. Excellent yellowing resistance for more than 3 years and aging resistance for more than 5 years.
Brightness of driving paint. Crystalline transparency, integrated with the original car, does not affect the nature of the car paint; can improve the paint 5% - 20% of the light.
Corrosion resistance. Can perhaps resist kerosene, grease, weak alkali, gravel, acid rain and other long-term damage to the paint.
Super anti-scratch. Super soft and memory, can resist individual scratches, resistance.
Anti-ultraviolet radiation. Excellent anti-ultraviolet, to prevent long-term damage to the car paint; Maintain the original lighting of the car paint.
The stickiness is good. Excellent glue, no edges, no cracks.
No residue left. Excellent pressure-sensitive properties may ensure that no residue is left at any time.
Green environmental protection. Suitable for environmental protection.
Automatic repair. Individual scratches are repaired automatically.
It is not easy to finish the invisible garments that want to be affixed well. Besides choosing the right brand, more equipment and construction technology of construction workshop, the most important edge-wrapping disposal, amateur construction, and no other achievements will appear in the individual later stage. All in all, although invisible garments are better, although the time price is a little high, but later can probably save the cost of car washing, crystal plating and maintenance, all of them are cost-effective.
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