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If you buy a new car, the first choice is to stop painting care, which leads to common cosmetic care such as crystal plating, film plating, glaze sealing, waxing and so on. The following calculations can be made:
A luxury car with a value of 1 million yuan is worth about 5,000 yuan a year for beauty care. It has been used for 5 years. After encountering vehicle scratches, ordinary car owners choose to use insurance to stop claims settlement. However, many people do not know that the number of insurance claims per year exceeds that and the premium will rise in the next year. The calculation is as follows:
Vehicle damage insurance of 13,000 yuan per year, twice a year, with an increase of more than 20% the following year, with a service life of 5 years.
In this way, we can simply calculate that a car can be used for five years, and it will cost nearly 40,000 yuan in car care.
Invisible garments are not cheap, but fake ones are even worse! Imported garments are made of TPU material, which is very tough and has the function of automatic repair and has a long life. It won't lose the glue. This one can be assured, and it has a 5 - 10 year warranty and an electronic guarantee card.
Finally, add a little knowledge - the difference between crystal plating and invisible garments:
Crystal plating is a kind of strong maintenance crystal and ultraviolet filter layer on the automobile surface, which can improve the brightness and hardness of the paint surface, avoid scratches, prevent harmful substances such as ultraviolet ray, acid rain, salt, asphalt, flying paint, insect spots, yellow sand, bird droppings and so on. In addition to the above functions, invisible garments also have super-strong function of automatic repair of fine scratches (heating, warm water automatic recovery). The original) stick to a longer period of time, up to 10 years, water delineation, lotus leaf effect, to prevent corrosive liquid or substances on the formation of corrosion of car paint, but also more easily managed, save the cost of later maintenance, many elements and good performance of car clothes have been recognized.
With the development of science and technology, the material of invisible garments has gradually evolved from PU to PVC. In recent years, the appearance of TPU and TPU + coating materials has enabled the garments to complete the function of automatic repair.
Because of its soft stretchability, the garment can recover quickly when it is slightly scratched by stones and branches. This also completes the so-called automatic repair.
If we look at the price and cycle of such beauty projects as crystal plating and film plating, invisible garments are still very cost-effective. In fact, leaving aside the automatic repair, invisible garments in the "vehicle skin care products" sector can be fully seated in the first place. Whether cost-effective or practical role is greater than the current market maintenance supplies. But still that sentence, rational consumption, if you are a person who cares about car paint, you might as well think about it.
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